Brand new obstacles at Aqua Parcs

With just over a week to go until we re-open Aqua Parcs for the summer (4th May 2019 – put the date in your diaries!), excitement levels are at an all-time high. We will be returning bigger and better than ever, with a range of new obstacles for you to jump, run and slide across. In this blog, we wet your appetite with a sneak peek at some of our newest additions.

Apex 20

At first glance you might think that the Apex 20 looks deceptively easy, but with its banked edge standing at a towering five foot, it poses more of a challenge up close. Try to keep your balance as you run (or crawl) across the curved surface and use the jumping cliff to leap off the other side.


Apex 30

At the same height as the Apex 20, but with an added twist, we also welcome the ‘S’ shaped Apex 30 to Aqua Parcs this year. With five-foot-tall jumping off points and two slides for water entry, there’s no way to not end up in the water from this obstacle!


On to an even bigger addition; the Diamond is an imposing new feature of the Aqua Parcs course, offering different challenges via two different paths. For the adrenaline junkie, scale the four foot-tall, 18-inch-wide highline. If you’re more focused on skill and control, then test your concentration on the lower level path.

Freefall Supreme

Saving the best till last, we are thrilled to be unveiling our biggest obstacle so far - the Freefall Supreme. This huge drop slide has a climbing ladder and spacious multi-level interior, with a splash zone and loft space. It can accommodate up to 12 people at a time, making it a central attraction of the Aqua Parcs course. We are expecting it to be a real hit with our guests – if you’re brave enough to take it on!

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Meet the team: Kieron Murty, Aqua Parcs Co-founder

What made you decide to launch Aqua Parcs?
It was the brainchild of my good friend and Co-founder, Joe Grix.  We discussed it and decided to team up. As they say, two heads are better than one!

What does your role involve?
Ensuring Aqua Parcs runs as smoothly as possible, liaising with our team to ensure the needs of our customers and staff are met and providing a safe environment for our customers to have a great time.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Providing the most fun you can have in a wetsuit to our customers and seeing the customers reaction before and after going on the park. I also enjoy working with our staff to create a fun environment to work in.

What has been your most memorable experience at Aqua Parcs to date?
It has to be our opening weekend. Seeing all the hard work pay off and customers getting to experience the park for the first time was an incredible moment.

What’s your favourite obstacle on the course?
It would have to be the Ninja Jump, it’s similar to the first obstacle on Ninja Warrior UK and requires skill and perseverance to overcome it. This year we are installing The Diamond, which is an awesome obstacle that will definitely become a favourite.

If you had to race anyone on the course, who would it be?
Comedian, James Acaster, on the basis that one, I would definitely win, two I would love to see James in a wetsuit and three, it would be absolutely hilarious. He’s a local boy too so hopefully he would be up for the challenge – in fact I think we should make this happen.

What is your ultimate goal for Aqua Parcs?
For people to recognise our brand and whenever they see our logo or an advert for Aqua Parcs they can relate it to a memory of an unforgettable experience.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Always thinking positively.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I’ve published 2 children’s books, Billy wants a rabbit and Frogs don’t drill for diamonds, available on Amazon now (sorry for the shameless plug). Also, on a recent golf outing I got a hole in one, I’m still dining out on that story.

What are your interests outside of work?
When I have spare time I have a big love for music, writing and wakeboarding.

And finally, we’re off to the pub, what’s your order?
A pint of Hop House and a double spiced rum and ginger, thanks.


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Two Aqua Parcs girls smiling on lifeguard duty

Aqua Parcs is hiring! Part-time and full-time Summer jobs

Say goodbye to the confines of an office or working in your local supermarket over the Summer. Aqua Parcs will give you an entirely different experience that will see you swimmingly through the season. If you love the outdoors, water and meeting new people and want to join a fun working environment, then we’d love to hear from you. With just over a month to go (4th May) until we re-open our water park in Milton Keyes, we are looking to fill a number of roles. So, take the plunge and get in touch.

The Roles 
– you’ll be responsible for checking in customers, making bookings, ensuring customers know what they are doing and where to go. You will learn how to use our booking system and as the first person our customers see, a smiley, friendly and helpful individual is a must!

Lifeguard – you’ll be monitoring our customers while on the park making sure they follow safety rules and ensuring they do not get into trouble during their session. Experience is a bonus but not essential as we can put you through a course.

Land staff – you’ll be responsible for ensuring customers are in the right place at the right time. You’ll also be handing out wetsuits, buoyancy aids and delivering safety briefings.

Sales – this position requires someone who has the ability to generate sales by contacting local businesses and community groups. You must be happy to work independently and be highly self-motivated.

Junior Photographer - We are looking for someone currently studying photography to gain some work experience with us by utilising their photography skills.

All our jobs are flexible which means you can choose the hours that best suit you, with full-time also an option. Training will be provided prior to the start date of the 4th May, when we officially open. We will take into consideration your experience when it comes to your pay, which will be based on an hourly rate.

Why Aqua Parcs?

Aqua Parcs is a fun, adventurous inflatable water course located on the picturesque and popular Willen Lake in Milton Keynes. Our course is 120 metre-long with over 30 obstacles. It’s fun, it’s wet and it’s wild. We welcome anyone aged six and upwards, with hourly sessions available for up to 150 people, so if you join our team, you’ll be expected to be confident talking with lots of different people.

Successful candidates will be happy working outdoors in all weathers (excluding the sales role). Most importantly, our team is young and fun and we always have a great season ensuring our visitors have a whale of a time. If they are happy, so are we.

To apply
For more information or to apply, submit your CV to or visit the team at MK Job Show at Centre:mk on 29th-30th March.

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Man and woman sliding down an inflatable water slide

Top reasons why you should visit Aqua Parcs

If you’ve never been to a water park before or always envisaged what it would be like to take on Total Wipeout, then Aqua Parcs could be just for you. If you can swim and are over the age of six, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. But just incase you need some persuading, here’s why you should join in the fun:

1. You’ll let go of your inhibitions
At Aqua Parcs, you will literally let yourself go. It’s the only way to really experience the course and join in on the adventure with everyone else. It’s likely you won’t feel like yourself but that’s ok with us if it’s ok with you?

2. You’ll tackle the thrills of over 30 obstacles
Over 30 obstacles? Yep, you read correctly. Our action-packed course is simply colossal with The Temple, Bypass, Moon Jump, Wave Rider, The Narrows, Ninja Jump, Whirlpool, Overpass, plus many more! But you’ll have to visit the park to find out what they are.

3. You’ll feel like you’ve had a good workout
While having fun, you won’t realise how much you’ll be using your body to get round the course. You might feel a little achy and tired afterwards, but the endorphins will make you feel great. 

4. You’ll get soaked, but it doesn’t matter
It goes without saying that you will be drenched from head-to-toe, but not from getting caught out in the rain or your morning shower. We are a water park, so embrace the water and get wet!

5. You’ll create memories with your friends and family
By sharing the experience with your friends or family you’ll create an unforgettable memory. Make sure you capture it with a pic before or after in your fancy Aqua Parc wetsuits!

6. Your kids will be entertained…and exhausted!
If you are stuck for something to keep your kids entertained in the holidays, then we can help. Not only will they have plenty of fun, but it is quite likely they will be exhausted and want an early night, allowing you to have some free time to yourself.

7. You’ll forget your age
Age is just a number and at Aqua Parcs it won’t mean a thing. Bring out your inner child and embrace the slips, falls and thrills that will make you giggle to your heart’s content.

8. You’ll laugh…a lot!
Most importantly, Aqua Parcs is fun, and is guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether you are doing it alone, with friends, work colleagues or family we promise you’ll have a whale of a time.

To book your visit, click here.

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Benefits of water sports for your fitness

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions kick-in, with many turning their attention to new health and fitness regimes. Rather than the obvious (joining a gym) why not hit the water and try a water sport such as sailing, rowing, swimming, surfing, scuba diving and water obstacle courses. By tackling a water sport, not only can you set yourself new challenges, but you can also reap health and fitness benefits, plus more! Let us explain.

New scenery
In most cases water sports take place in the outdoors which opens up opportunities to exercise in different environments. If you fancy rowing, surfing or wild swimming then take to a lake or the high seas to enjoy beautiful surroundings and fresh air. If you plan on scuba diving, then you’ll benefit from going under-the-sea to take in the UK’s marine plants and animals.

By getting close to nature you will instantly start to feel at ease and more relaxed as well as enjoy experiencing a sense of freedom.  The calming sounds of the waters and the sport itself will allow you to focus the mind on what you are doing to the exclusion of anything else. Water sports can also be exciting allowing you to enhance your mood.

If you are a thrill seeker and want to take on a new challenge then why not choose a water sport that is action packed and will get your adrenaline racing. Water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding – there are plenty of options.

Low impact
Many water sports are low impact, which means less strain on your muscles and joints. Swimming in particular is especially gentle on the body and at the same time will help you build muscle strength. Swimming is often a good choice if you suffer with arthritis to help soothe achy joints.

Fitness boost
Water sports can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Those involving the arms and upper body (Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking etc) will help increase muscle strength in the back, arms, shoulders and chest due to the movement required using the paddle. Swimming uses the whole body which will give you a full body workout.

It’s fun
Getting in shape can be fun particularly in the water. Whether on your own or with friends, water sports are a refreshing experience that you can enjoy time and time again. Give it a go to see the difference it can make to you.

Don’t forget to join us when we open in Spring for a chance to take on our adventure water obstacle course. Visit our site soon to keep a look out for our season calendar, alternatively you can purchase a voucher here.

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Ditch the gym for these outdoor fitness trends in 2019

If you fancy a break from the confines of the gym, venture into the great outdoors to keep fit in 2019. Taking your fitness regime outside brings opportunities for more unusual and adventurous activities. So, here at Aqua Parcs we have selected five of the best outdoor fitness trends that will get your heart racing in the New year!

Fitness festivals
Combining the popularity of outdoor fitness classes with entertainment, food and drink, fitness festivals are popping up all around the country. The UK’s largest Festival of Fitness is set to take place in Hackney in May and, taking London’s fitness scene into the forests of Kent, LoveFit festival in July utilises the outdoor landscape to offer activities like a forest gym and lake paddle board yoga.

Rowing on the rise
Sparked by the UK’s success in the last few Olympics, rowing is on the rise. With London’s first boutique rowing studio having recently opened its doors, there is a clear demand for this British sport. However, there is only so much training you can do in a studio and once you’ve got the bug you’ll soon find yourself wanting to test out your newfound rowing skills on the water like a proper Olympian.

Wild swimming
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do in terms of burning calories and toning the body, but if you fancy adding a bit of a thrill to your strokes you should probably consider the growing trend for wild swimming. The low temperatures might not seem appealing in rivers and lakes but the adrenaline rush is unrivalled. There are a huge number of wild swimming spots around the UK to enjoy and don’t let being in the city stop you. Although swimming in the Thames is forbidden, there are many places to undertake this sport on the edge of the city.

Obstacle courses
You might have noticed more people on your Facebook feed getting muddy recently, thanks to the increasing popularity of outdoor obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder. With the chance to take part with your friends, this group activity is a great endurance challenge to experience with close pals which will test both your mental and physical strength. Don’t let that put you off though, as it’s plenty of fun too – we promise!.

Aqua parks
Arguably the only item on this list more fun than a muddy obstacle course is an inflatable one on water! Having grown in popularity across Europe, aqua parks are currently set to take the adventure activity market in the UK by storm in 2019. Combining great fun with some friendly competition, it’s the perfect activity for a family day out, party of friends or a corporate team-building day. Why not pre-plan your fitness for the new year and purchase a gift voucher for our Aqua Parcs 2019 season here.


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Top five experience gifts for him and her this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching the countdown has begun; soon you’ll be feasting on delicious mince pies, having a glass (or two!) of warm mulled wine and getting out that box of decorations ready to transform your home, but most importantly you’ll be thinking about what to buy your loved ones. Forget those gifts you’ve given time and time again (socks, cosmetics, you know the ones) and choose something that is a little out of the ordinary. Experience gifts are perfect catering for different tastes and budgets, while creating unforgettable memories. We’ve done our research and rounded up five of the best budget-friendly experiences (filtered by price) that would make a stand-out gift:

5. A one-night hotel stay with dinner and fizz for two – from £139
Ideal for your parents or a couple close to your heart, treat them to a relaxing retreat in a hotel of your choice for a night’s stay. This getaway provides an escape from everyday life offering a way to relax and spend quality time together. Throw in a meal and a bottle of fizz to make it that extra special.

4. Silverstone Ferrari Thrill – from £99.00
The perfect gift for any car fanatic and thrill seeker is this fast and furious Ferrari experience at the famous Silverstone track in Northamptonshire. Slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 Coupe and power round three laps of the Gran Prix circuit. This hair-raising gift is bound to fuel plenty of excitement!


3. Spa/Salon Treatments – from £29.00
For those who never have any time for themselves and are always on-the-go, allow them to unwind with a pampering salon or spa treatment. There a multitude of treatments to choose from at affordable prices such as a new set of nails, lash extensions to massages or opt for something a little steeper such as a lavish spa day. Whatever budget, there is something to suit any lady and man in your life!

2. Indoor Skydiving – from £29.00 - £49.00
So jumping out of a plane might not be everyone’s idea of a good Christmas gift, but what about Indoor Skydiving? This simulated activity really makes you feel like you’re flying while you float and freefall on a smooth cushion of air. iFLY is one company offering this fun experience with centres across Manchester, Basingstoke and Milton Keynes. Know someone who is up for the challenge? Then this gift will blow them away!

1. Aqua Parcs Gift Voucher - £20.00
Saving the best for last (biased of course), we couldn’t write this blog without plugging our own experience, and at such great value you get a lot for your money. This super fun activity involves jumping, bouncing and simply having fun on an inflatable obstacle course set on a stunning lake in Milton Keynes. An adventure on water, practically everyone can have a go, as long as they are over six years and can swim 25m unaided. For anyone looking to go wild on the water (don’t forget yourself too!) then purchase a gift voucher here. Alternatively, the Aqua Parcs team will be next to the Santa’s grotto at Centre:MK shopping centre, so pop along and say hi!

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Aqua Parcs features on Valerie Wyndham blog

We were delighted that fashion blogger Valerie Wyndham visited Aqua Parcs. Read her review below.





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Aqua Parcs features on Amanda Alstons blog

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Alston tackled the Aqua Parcs challenge and documented her experience on her blog. Read about her adventure below.




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Aqua Parcs features on Sweet Serendipity blog

We were delighted to welcome Shannon, the creator of blog Sweet Serendipity at Aqua Parcs to experience a session on our obstacle course. Although nervous to begin with she soon built up the courage to tackle the challenges and even attempted the long jump!  Good going Shannon.



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