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Rain or Shine
31st July 2019
As we know, the weather in the UK is unpredictable, sporadic, and sometimes frustrating. When opening an outdoor facility in Milton Keynes, we were fully aware of the stereotypical weather, but we fully embraced it! Our inflatable park offers guests a chance to smile and do something different whether it’s pouring or it’s scorching hot.
As our park lays on top of a body of water you will get wet, no matter what. Therefore, when the gloomy clouds come rolling in and you are dreading being stuck inside once again it is a prime time to get into a wet suit and plunge into Willen Lake! The wetter the course is, the fun tends to increase.
“It was so much fun. It was funny watching all of us slip and slide around. The rain almost made the course more of an adventure. I want to do it again!”. – Charles, age 14.

Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are now in full affect and the weather can make or break a day. Even though rain is a common occurrence, the average temperature in the UK is 19.5c between August and September which allows for the water to maintain a mild temperature during the summer holidays. The temperature paired with a wet suit; the rain doesn’t deter anyone’s fun.
Participants do need to be a minimum of 6 years old.  
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If you are looking for a unique experience for you and your family or friends, our park is a great option – no matter the weather! Aqua Parcs is a 120 – metre long course with over 30 obstacles suited for every level. We are open now until the 15th of September, seven days a week. It’s fun. It’s wet. It’s wild. Book today!