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Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions.
For anything we might have missed please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form below.


When is it open?

We are open from 4th May to 15th September 2019, seven days a week. The opening times vary each month, with extra sessions running during school holidays.
Use the calendar to pick a date and you will be able to view session times.  We can often open at a special time for private hires, so please contact us for any requirements.
  1. Complete your Statement of Risks before you arrive
  2. Arrive at reception 45 minutes before your session starts, give your name (you do not need to print your confirmation) and you will be given a wristband
  3. Collect your wetsuit from the containers outside
  4. Get changed and be ready in your wetsuit at the latest 15 minutes before your session starts
  5. You will be directed to the water's edge where you will be given a buoyancy aid
  6. 10 minutes before the session starts, attend the safety briefing at the water's edge
  7. At the hour, you will be let on the park for 50 minutes of fun
  8. Towards the end of the session you will hear a five minute warning whistle
  9. Exit the park, hand in your buoyancy aid
  10. Walk back to the changing rooms and hand in your wetsuit
  11. Share your incredible experience with your friends
A session lasts an hour in total. It includes a 10minute safety briefing and 50 minutes of fun on the park.

If you would like to stay longer on the park, you can book a double session for just £10 extra per person.
This offer can be pre-booked on the website or on the day in reception and applies to both Pre-Book ticket and Family Pass.
Yes, you can stand in the spectator area to watch the session on the inflatables.
We recommend that you arrive 45 minutes before your session starts.
This will enable you enough time to check in, get changed into your wetsuit and have your safety brief.
No, you do not have to print it. Just give the participant's name at reception.


How old do I need to be ?

Participants need to be at least 6 years old:  

  • 6&7-year-old participants must be accompanied by someone aged 16+ on the inflatable park
  • 8-11-year-old participants must have an adult in the spectator area
  • 12-15-year-old participants need an adult to sign them in
It is important that every participant fills out a Statement of Risk before they attend their session. You can access the online form from your confirmation email by pressing the link "click to check in now".

Alternatively, click this link and enter the order reference number that is provided in your booking confirmation email. 

Note that a £5 administration fee will apply when signing the Statement of Risk at reception.
Yes, we require every participant to be able to swim 25 meters unaided.
No, pregnant women cannot go on the park.
If you break any of the rules below, you’ll be asked to leave the aqua park without refund.
  1. Aged 6+. You must be aged 6 or over to use the Aqua Park.
  2. 25m. You must be a confident swimmer and be able to swim at least 25 meters un-aided as the aqua park is 25 meters from the end of the jetty. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is struggling.
  3. Buoyancy aids, everyone must wear 1 of our buoyancy aids. Please make sure all straps
  4. are fastened tightly. Do not remove this at any point during the session.
  5. No diving or flipping. You can jump off of any of the inflatables, but you must always enter the water feet first. The only exception is the 2 White slides at the back and the Figure 8 slide, these are climb up slide down only features.
  6. Look before you leap! Check your landing area is clear before you jump or slide.
  7. Give others space. Whilst on the park do not climb too close to other users, let the person in front of you get to the top then start climbing.
  8. Do not swim underneath any of the features.
  9. Neptune Steps. When you fall in swim to the nearest aqua park feature and climb on, there are Neptune steps spread out around the park to aid you getting back onto the park.
  10. Lifeguards on the Park will be in Yellow Lifeguard tops. You may seek help from them at any point by raising your hand and shouting ‘Lifeguard’ they are there to help the injured and save lives so please do not call them unnecessarily.
  11. Aqua Guides. Some sessions may include an Aqua Guide they will be wearing orange. They will be on the park to challenge you and ensure you have an amazing time.
  12. Whistles. Lifeguards use whistles to contact you. 1 Whistle blast = A lifeguard may be trying to get your attention so have a look around. 3 Whistle blasts = Emergency on the park! Someone could be injured or there could be lightning in the area. You need to stop immediately and sit down where you are, the lifeguards will then give you further instructions. Long Whistle blast = The session is over, please start making your way off the park.
  13. No swearing or foul language. Remember this is a family park so please no swearing or foul language. We allow you to play fight with your friends, but excessively rough play and aggressive behaviour is NOT tolerated. We want you to have fun, so you can push each other in but please do not push the lifeguards or members of other groups in.
  14. Personal items. We recommend you remove any jewellery, watches, glasses or other loose items. You may take waterproof cameras; however, damage or loss of property is at your own risk. If you drop it, it will sink.
  15. Medical conditions. Finally, please if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we ask you to report to our staff in full confidentiality, before entering the water. However, if you suffer from severe asthma, diabetes, any heart conditions or are prone to dislocations we advise you not to go on the aqua park.
  16. Pregnancy. If you are pregnant or feel there could be a possibility you may be pregnant, we again strongly advise you not to participate.
  17. Thank you for your time and please walk slowly along the walkway and the start of the park, jump in and have a great time. Please do not jump off the side of the walkway.


How much does it cost ?

Each session is £20 for a single ticket or £72 for a Family Pass (4 people) when booking online. Both include wetsuit hire, safety brief, buoyancy aid and 50 minutes on the park.

You can also book a double session, for only £10 extra per person (it applies to Pre-Book and Family Pass).
Should you wish to book at reception on the day, there is a £5 administration fee per person for the filling out of the Statement of Risks.
If you are a large group of 10+ or require exclusive hire, please contact us before booking by emailing


Will it be cold ?

The water temperature will vary depending on the weather conditions on the day.
Water temperature is monitored daily and displayed in reception.
Wearing the wetsuit provided will help you to keep warm.
The rain makes the experience on the park different and the slides more slippery.
The only reason the park would close is extreme weather condition such as strong winds or thunderstorm. Every participant would be informed.
The inflatables are constantly wet which keeps the surface cool. If this is a concern for you, you can wear aqua shoes.

You can buy aqua shoes at reception for £5 if needed.


What should I bring with me ?

Wetsuits are included in the price so you just need to bring:
- swimwear (or spare underwear)
- a towel
- a padlock (if you want to use the lockers)

You can buy all these items at reception if needed.
We strongly advise that you leave any valuable in your locker or at home (for example: jewelry, watches, glasses, cameras...).
If you do decide to take any valuable on the park, you do so at your own risk as we will not be able to get any lost item back.

At your own risk, you can bring your go pro.
We strongly recommend that you equip your camera with a floater.
If you do lose it, we will not be able to look for it for you and the chances of finding it are very slim.
There are lockers provided which require a padlock to store your belongings safely. Do not forget to bring one!

You can purchase a padlock at reception for just £5 if needed.
You can wear wet shoes or wet socks. However, any hard-soled shoes cannot be worn.

You can use your own wet suit or use the wetsuit included in your session price.

We recommend that everyone wears a wetsuit for three reasons:
- it keeps you warm
- it protects you from friction burns
- you slide better

Wetsuits are compulsory for children. There might be exceptions on very warm days, in that case we would let customers know at reception.


Are there changing rooms?

Yes, there are gendered changing rooms and individual cubicles.
Yes, there are outdoor showers you can use to rinse off. If you want a full shower, the Wake Park kindly let our customers use theirs.


Are there facilities to have food?

There are picnic tables where you can eat.
There is Café, a pub and a pizza van around Willen Lake which are separate from Aqua Parcs.
Yes, we offer refreshments, chocolate bars and crisps for a reasonable price at reception.


Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking free of charge up to 48hours before the day of your session.
No, we do not issue any refund. If you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we can give you vouchers with a 48hour notice.


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