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The Perfect Gift for Your Niece or Nephew
15th December 2020
Buying a gift for your niece or nephew can be difficult, especially if they have ever-changing likes and dislikes. But one thing is for sure – whether they are into style or gadgets, kids love a bit of adventure.
Aim to be the coolest relative and get the best stocking stuffer that will create an unforgettable memory – with you.
We’ve listed two vouchers ideas that if bought are sure to create the best day for your niece or nephew in the new year.
1.    Our 2021 single session voucher: this is a great activity for kids age 6+ and a chance for you to be the rock star aunt or uncle. Our water park is made up of 30+ obstacles that are geared for all capabilities – and it’s on water! Our park is a balance of thrill and fun which is guaranteed to create a memory that will last forever.
We are located on one of the more popular areas of Milton Keynes with a café, restaurant, rides and much more nearby. And, in 2021 Willen Lake is opening a state-of-the-art water sports facility that make the experience that much better. Our single session vouchers are £20 each and the activity lasts 60 minutes.
2.    Discover Willen voucher: if you are already at Willen Lake, why not check out the other activities near our building. 
Get the RIGHT gift can be a task on its’ own but getting one that allows you to spend quality time with your niece or nephew is perfect – especially after this year. Make the most of 2021 and get the perfect stocking stuffer today.