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We hope you find our most frequently asked questions helpful. If we have not answered your question here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Aqua Parcs' team today. 

water-drop.png  What happens during a session?

You need to arrive at Aqua Parc 1 hour before the time your Aqua Parc session is booked for. Head to the Aqua Parc reception which is situated in the same building as WakeMK.

You should sign your online waiver before you come to the park. After this you will go to the changing rooms and put on your swimming costume and a wetsuit.  Lockers are available at no cost but require a padlock which you can either buy on the day or bring your own. A buoyancy aid will be issued before you head down to the water’s edge. You will then be given a safety briefing before entering the lake on the hour for 50 minutes on the park.

water-drop.png  What are the maximum numbers?

The Aqua Parc has the capacity to hold up to 150 people per hour. 

water-drop.png  How old do I need to be?

You need to be 8 years old or over and be able to swim unaided for 25 metres to go on the Aqua Parc. Children between 8 and 10 years of age need a paying adult to accompany them on the equipment at a ratio of 1 adult per 3 children. Children aged 10 to 17 do not need an adult on the water with them, however they must be signed in at the Aqua Parc reception by an adult over the age of 18. The Aqua Parc is suitable for adults of all ages!

water-drop.png  Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, everybody on the Aqua Parc must be able to swim at least 25 metres unaided. 

water-drop.png  Can I pay on the day?

YES: You are able to pay on the day, but it is not advised. To ensure you get the time and date you want then we advise you to book online. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend any session unless you have pre-booked.
Once booked, please ensure that you and/or your party have completed their details and the disclaimer online before arriving. Should you need to complete the disclaimer in the reception area there will be a £5 administration charge.  

Due to Aqua Parcs sharing the reception area with WakeMK, we have limited space. By booking in advance and completing the registration online you can simply turn-up, collect your wrist bands from reception, maximising your time on the park as this avoids queuing. 

It is vital to remember before booking that all ticket sales are final. 

water-drop.png  What if I want to cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your booking, then you must inform us 48 hours prior to the session in order to get a credit in your Aqua Parc account. 

water-drop.png  Will it be cold?

The water temperature will vary depending on the weather condition on the day and time of year. You will keep warm if you keep moving around and we supply wetsuits which will keep you warm.

water-drop.png  Do I have to be physically fit?

The park is designed for all ages and abilities with steps placed around the park to help you get out of the water. There are also areas on the park designed to enable customers to rest should they need to.

water-drop.png  Can I bring my go pro?

You can bring an action camera; however we will not be held responsible for cameras at the bottom of the lake – make sure it floats! 

water-drop.png  Do you offer discounts for special groups?

Please contact us if you are looking at booking multiple hours or a full activity day.

water-drop.png  Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

No: Aqua Parcs’ policy is for each customer to be able to swim 25m unaided. You will have a short swim to the park so must be confident in the water.

water-drop.png  Are there fish?

There are some small fish, however the splashing will scare them away, so you will not see them.

water-drop.png  Is the water clean?

Yes! The lakes are clean and safe to swim in. Even if ingested, it will not do you any harm.

water-drop.png  Can I shower after the session?

Yes, there are showers which are free to use next to the WakeMK and Aqua Parc reception building. 

water-drop.png  Where is the aqua parcs site?

We are located at Willen Lake South and share a reception area with WakeMK.
Our address is:
Aqua Parcs
The Cable Building
V10 Brickhill Street
Milton Keynes
MK15 9HQ

water-drop.png  How much does it cost?

Each session is £20 per person when booked online and this includes wetsuit hire, safety brief, buoyancy aid and 50 minutes on the park.

Should you wish to book at reception there is a £5 admin charge per person for the filling out of the disclaimer.

If you are a large group of 20 or more, please contact us before booking by emailing info@aquaparcs.co.uk

water-drop.png  Can I privately hire the aqua parc?

Yes! – We offer private hire sessions which are great for parties and corporate events. Pricing available on request. Please send an email to info@aquaparcs.co.uk for more information.

water-drop.png  When is it open?

The Aqua Parc is open from July to October. The opening times vary each month, with extra sessions running during school holidays. 

Use the calendar to pick a date and you will be able to view session times.  We can often open at a special time for private hires, so please get in touch with your requirements.

water-drop.png  When do I have to pay?

You will need to pay in full when you make your booking.

water-drop.png  Can we pay individually for group bookings?

Group booking must be paid for in a single transaction. We cannot take a split payment from a number of different individual within a group.

water-drop.png  Can I get a refund?

No: Aqua Parcs’ policy states that purchase of a ticket or voucher is non-refundable. Should you wish to reschedule your session you must inform us at least 48 hours prior to the start of your session. If you are running late then we will do ourbest to get you on a later session that same day (subject to availability).

water-drop.png  Is it safe?

The activity is safe as long as you follow the rules explained within the safety briefing. If you fail to follow the rules you will receive a warning and if you continue to break the rules you will be asked to leave the session.

water-drop.png  What should I wear and bring with me?
  • You should remove all jewellery including watches (stud earrings may be worn) It’s best to leave valuables at home.
  • You should bring a towel and swimming costume (you will wear this under your wetsuit) 
  • You can wear wet shoes or wet socks; however any hard-soled shoes cannot be worn. 
  • You can use your own wet suit or use the wetsuit included in your session price. A buoyancy aid will be provided for free.
  • Bring a padlock for the locker or you can purchase one at reception for just £5. 
water-drop.png  What happens if it's raining?

Sessions run whatever the weather – you will be getting wet! The only exception is during thunderstorms or extremely high winds when sessions may be suspended.

water-drop.png  Can I rent a wetsuit on the day?

Yes! – wetsuits are included in your session price. You are however welcome to wear your own if you prefer. 

water-drop.png  Can I go on the park if I am pregnant?

No: if there is any possibility that you are pregnant then you must not go on to the park.

water-drop.png  Can I wear my own wetsuit and buoyancy aid?

You are permitted to wear your own wetsuit but you must wear an aqua parcs' buoyancy aid.

water-drop.png  Is there free parking?

No, parking at Willen Lake is pay and display and the closest car park to the Aqua Parc is North Bay. For pricing, please use the following link. https://www.willenlake.org.uk/discover-willen-lake/car-parking/

water-drop.png  Are there any lockers?

YES: lockers are available on site. Combination padlocks can be bought from reception for £5 to secure the locker. Please note that you are responsible for your own belongings. You can bring your own padlock to use on the lockers.

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